About Me….

You lucky bastards… (Read Cock Gobbler, gobble gobble gobble….  It’s my favourite – Nov. 26th)

I will be blogging here quite a bit for all you lucky little bitches.  You will be able to hear what REALLLLY goes on in the mind of a Hot Dominant Goddess.  Some of it will make you hard, some will make you laugh and some will probably gross you right out.  Hope you can keep up with Me and My twisted realities…

I enjoy it all…. 

Things I   ESPECIALLY enjoy:

~~Foot Worship ~~CBT ~~Humiliation (including public) ~~Tease & Denial ~~Whipping & Spanking Men ~~Blackmail

<added>    This entry is a little dry and you really are ripping yourself off if you read no further.  Blogs I especially love include “I Love To Fuck Ass Like an Animal” and  “I Stuffed His Ass Like A Turkey”.   “Cock Gobbler…  gobble gobble gobble”  is my favorite thus far.  Happy reading.  I know,  I know – I should be charging for this stuff!

There’s really no point listing everything because I love it all !  Call Me soon SLUT !  For Now you can reach Me at Niteflirt.com  Extension # 03318206.  Don’t wait too long!

*****  I am ideally looking for RT though ~ so message Me ! ! ! !  ……


9 Responses to “About Me….”

  1. dominanteve Says:

    Be the FIRST to leave Me a COMMENT….. That just has to earn you SOMETHING…

  2. Sissy Madeline Says:

    Mistress Eve is the best!! I have spoken to Her on many occassions and She makes a sissy feel humiliated and like Her whore. She will make You do anything and You will be honored to do it!

    Great site, Mistress.

  3. Dominant Eve Says:

    Fuck, I look HOT today !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sissygloria Says:

    Mistress Eve, i have enjoyed reading Your blog, and hope You have finished Your fixing up/cleaning..
    i am an older sub, with some exp, who now realizes that she likes to be femmed,
    Hope that You keep up the blog, and was interested to note that You sell stories too, i would like ot think that i will someday write one too.


  5. sissygloria Says:

    Mistress Eve, i would enjoy calling You – icall thru niteflirt, Mistress Eve

  6. Want to sub Says:

    Good Morning Mistress Eve,
    I ran across your blog and read many stories. I so much yearn for a real dominant women to take control of me. I have always been a sub but no one has ever known it, if that makes sense. I so much want a Mistress to use me however she wants. I am sure I could be a good sub. Thanks for your stories they are so hot.

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