TRIPS and Bitch Mollymaid !!

I just recently bought a trip for 2 to CUBA for Myself and one of My fave subs.  It’ll be for a week in October.  Soooo exciting.  I think it’s funny that one sub pays for My trip and I take another one.  I remember when My mafia sub pre paid for a $2000 flatscreen and when I went to pick it up I paid an extra 100 to get a better model.  It never even crossed My mind that this might hurt his feelings.  He said it was like a slap in his face but that he of course liked it.

My apologies for not writing much but I have been really busy going out with a few previous subs ~~~ Molly (aka Kevin) is back !@#@#%%  I decided to get a hold of him and make a lil room for him in My life again.  And I have also been meeting many new subs as well.

Molly and I went for the most amazzzing lunch and then I had him chauffeaur Me around on a sunny Saturday afternoon to have one drink at about 5 different places.  It was super fun.  Molly told Me that he missed Me desperately for 8 months when I cut him loose.  I wouldn’t have guessed that.  I did miss him for about a week though.  He said the thing he missed most was the control…  Hmmm considering that I feel like I have controlled MANY men way more it makes Me wonder how many men I have ruined for other “Mistresses”.

Speaking about other “Mistresses” I don’t know how a woman can consider herself to be a mistress if she doesn’t COMPLETELY have her own life and shit together.  That’s probably one of the things My subs like most about Me — the high high level of ease, wonderment, efficiency, organization and happiness that is My life.

Back to Molly ~~~ I am so so so so glad that I decided to allow My housekeeping/errand bitch to come back to Me.  I really do like him A LOT.  Truly submissive.  Brilliant.  Humble and kind.  Naturally submissive.  Adorable.  A fun sub and a wonderful friend.


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