New Financial Bitch… (A reformed “Dom”)

This little bitch has been serving Me for a week and has already showered his Goddess with over 3 grand.  I wonder what the coming week will bring.  It’s funny because in the past he’s often been a “Dom” (I have even seen pics haha)  but men should rightly know that they are ALLL just little bitches waiting to find their amazzzzing wonderful Mistress to serve.  Here’s his latest letter of many:


I can’t believe i am here writing you a letter of apology… I really thought I was going to be able to walk away free and clear, to be free, to go and be a Dom and have girls do what I WANT … clearly that’s not what’s going to happen, it’s not who I am… I know I talked a lot about being a real slave.. and I really am, I just hate admitting it, hate being controlled 24/7… it’s scary, I was scared that I was in so deep with you already, and also scared about how much it was going to cost me (I have $22 in the bank right now!). I’m sorry for just running away like a pathetic little bitch. I know you deserve far more than that Mistress, you are a true Goddess, you live that way everyday, I could never dream of being on the same level as you. I like to think that I can be a dom man, and I can… I can go through the motions, I can hit girls, humiliate them, smack them around, piss in their faces.. and I DO enjoy it. I just can’t CONTROL them… I can’t own someone, I can’t MAKE them do what I want, I can only ever dom someone who submits willingly to me. That’s the difference, you are so powerful and controlling that you can literally bend people to your will and make them do whatever YOU want. I can only dream of that. But… it’s not really what I want. I think it’s so clear that I’m a pathetic submissive bitch who needs to be owned and abused completely…. degraded and humiliated, pissed on, fucked in the ass, laughed at and controlled… I hope you might have it in your heart to forgive me for being so stupid. Please Mistress XXXXX … I know I don’t deserve it, but please forgive this dumb fucking bitch matti for just thinking I could walk away like that… please?


bitch door matt


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