Tomorrow I’ll be doing another overnight spa day…. oh the fun.  I bring DVDs ~ TV Series to catch up on — ie True Blood, Nip/Tuck and  Mad men.  I eat delicious gourmet foods, lounge, eucaliptus steam rooms, hot and cold pools, saunas, perhaps a massage etc., and go for long walks wearing a white robe.  I go alone and have the time of My life.  It’s funny though ~ everyone else seems to be at least 30 years older than Me…. I’ve started enjoying the Goddess lifestyle young.  Thanks partly to My subs and party to My large brain…

Today I have some errands to run.  Currently under consideration by Me is a real time 20yo sub who lives in 10 minutes away with his parents… hahahha… yummy !!!!  Hope he’s good at yard work and also mowing pussy.

Don’t look for sabrina with Me anytime soon – she’s being a douchebag and I’m avoiding her for awhile.  I have somewhat replaced her with a new friend for now !

My Birthday’s coming sooon ~ July 4th.  Presents are always greatly welcome and appreciated…  obviously !

Hope you had a fun weekend.  Mine is still going strong.

Bye for now My little pretties !! @#%^&



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