The Cat Came Back the Very Next Month…

My cat who went missing for 3 weeks came back last night.  Lu Lu was wayyy thinner but didn’t have a scratch on her body.  I have 3 theories as to where she went:

1)  Kidnapped by a weird neighbour becasue when she came back she didn’t smell like the outdoors but like handcream and sugar…

2)  I moved a year ago so she went to our previous home to visit her old friends and perhaps sex partner.  Said house is about 25 miles away…

3)   She went for a little adventure, wandered away from home, lost her bearings and became royally lost…

That’s all for now.

Bye the way ~ if more people left the odd comment lately then I would be more enthused to write.

Just sayin’ !! 

P.S.  It was so exciting when she actually came back.  What a magical day.  One of  My top 30 fave  days of all time !!  MIRACULOUS !!!  !@#%^&   And how was YOUR day?


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