Looking for RT subs for next weekend…

Oh the fun we’ll have.  I feel like using My leather body bag as well.   Lemme know.

Any comments on any of My entries is appreciated.

I wrote a column for the paper thismorning so I’ll copy and paste it for you below.  It will be in the paper in a week or so……

Sex and the Country
Oops, what I really wanted to write about for a very long time is actually the glitsy show and movies of the same name ~ Sex and the City.
First off I would like it to be known that I love watching that show and believe I have watched every single episode.  I was a late starter though because I didn’t find out what all the fuss was all about until the series was almost finished.  The thing I truly HATE about the show however is that Carrie Bradshaw drives me friggin nuts with her stupidy about stupid “Big” aka John.  Let’s face it – “Big” is an ass.  For season after season he strings her along and she just takes it.  She follows him around like a pathetic lost puppy dog.  What exactly does this show say to young and older women alike?  Is it that if you throw your self worth out the window  year after year then you may finally “catch” a monetarily successful albeit emotionally unavailable and emotionally retarded man – with man boobs nonetheless?
Who the heck writes this crap?  It is supposed to be a woman but how on earth could she make the main chacter such a spineless tart?  C’mon, it just has to be a guy.  Perhaps the same guy who always seems to pair hot thin 20’s women and old out of shape 50’s or 60’s men in movies and not even as part of the storyline.  In “Couple’s Retreat”  Jason Bateman’s old boring wifey is actually 12 years younger than he and 100 times more attractive.
Time and time again in Sex and the City “Big” treats Carrie like absolute crap and just gets away with it.  Like the time after dating Carrie for 2 years he tells her at the last minute and nonchalantly that he’s MOVING to Paris like it has nothing to do with her in the slightest.  Like the time when he doesn’t want to be Carrie’s “plus one” while attending her friend’s wedding and then takes a cell phone call instead of listening to Carrie’s anxiety inducing poem she’s written especially for the occasion.  Like every single time he’s like a cat playing with its pet mouse Carrie without a care in the world for the outcome of his actions.  And ESPECIALLY for when he completely ruined their wedding by being a jackass of maximum proportions and telling her he “can’t do this” moments before the wedding.  Who cares that this is his third wedding – ughh let’s not even get started on boring mushy rice 25 year old model Natasha.  Is Big too stupid to know that weddings are for the woman and not the man?  And who can really stand the condescending way he calls Carrie “kiddo”.  Besides for dating HIM she seems to have more maturity and compassion in her achilles heel then he does in his whole body ~ albeit she does have a total lack of common sense.  And talking about common sense – it drives me crazy that Carrie didn’t invest in real estate or some kind of portfolio instead of mountains of jimmy cho and manolo blahnik shoes.  It just super solidifies her propensity for being a ditz.
Why oh why on earth didn’t Carrie just marry Aiden?  Aiden would have been way nicer to her and indulged her in her every hearts desire.  Not to mention he is considerably hotter, actually has morals and principles, is an adorable doll, doesn’t think the universe revolves around himself AND actually genuinely cares for Carrie’s well being.  I can take a guess why Carrie didn’t choose Aiden.  Could it be because the world is populated with stupid women who looove a challenge?  These women often seem to end up wondering if their man is stepping out on them (if they do in fact “catch” said man).  Give me a decent guy any day who doesn’t play games and recognizes a good thing when he sees it. 
Fast forward to 10 years after two of “Sex and the City’s” imaginary weddings.  In the first Carrie is an older woman often home alone because Big is always out smoking cigars with his cronies at poker games and ignoring Carrie altogether.  Him and his buddies sit around pretending to be the  king of the world.   Flash forward to Carrie and Aiden 10 years after marrying.  Perhaps sitting outside on a wooden swing together (that he’s built) at dusk after finishing the great dinner he’s lovingly prepared.  Aiden puts his arm around Carrie and tells her how glad he is to have her and how much he loves her.  They kiss.  She is over the moon.   Boy is she glad now that she’s not sitting in a cold stale bed later this evening with “Big” and his champagne gut and his stupid perpetual inquisitive look of “Why are you mad at me?  Did I do something wrong (again) ?)  The answer to that last question is “Yes Big.  You did do something wrong.”  In fact you did one million things wrong and are too self absorbed to even notice. 
C’mon girls.  Anyone can do better than “big”.


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