Hangover II and My forced INTOX Fun.

Just saw that movie last night and I think I liked it more than the first ~ I haven’t seen the first in a while though.  Really enjoyable, disgusting and actually edgy this time.  One night on BanCOCK makes a HARD man humble..

I also spoke with a new sub later last night for a few hours and got him insanely shit faced.  Want forced intox?  Want Seriously FORCED intox?  Then CALL ME.  I would rather get you fucked up than have a convo that lasts forever.  I’m a bit of a sadist that way and more than a tinch evil.  If that guy from last night doesn’t have one massive headache today then I’ll eat My own shit.  I hope he calls tonight so I can hear his tales of woe from the day…  hahahahahaha

I went to Sabrina’s new place today for a few hours and saw her ex-playboy roommate in a pic with Mark Walberg.  Her good friend was dating his brother.  She knows tons of celebrities.  Very interesting indeedy.

I’ll be around tonight for you boys.  However I may go for 3 drinks earlier in the evening…

I’m in the mood for some sick ass shit tonight !!!



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