Hotter than Hell and My new fave sub !!

Ohhhh it’s been hot out… feels like 40 !  Today I’m going to do some projects around the house and perhaps go out and do some banking.  Some of you subs make My banking quite fun these days.  🙂  Actually… most of My great subs I don’t even find on niteflirt so they probably never ever read these entries…

Currently I have one lovely sub who really stands out.  Of course we’ll end up meeting in the future which is the part I’m really looking forward to.  I found him on a BDSM dating site about 3 maybe 4 months ago.  He’s around 25  and seems quite together and responsible.  I think he has a live in girlfriend but to tell you the truth I just block that stuff out.  He chat via yahoo or on the phone about 2-3 times a week, sometimes more.  I like that he seems like a genuinely quality person, truly submissive and NICE!  Before Me he had little to no experience but he is coming along fabbbulously.  We have done some MAJOR ass training, sissification (a bit), watersports 🙂 🙂 :).. hahaha , HUMILIATION!, financial control,degradation and a host of other fun things!

I love that he is truly a real sub.  He lives and breathes this shit when he’s with Me.  As with most of My more noteworthy subs he is in a position of power at work however I forget what he does… after all – it truly is about yours truly.

For Me to really enjoy a sub I have to like them as a person.  I have very high standards and I like to only surround Myself with quality individuals.  I look forward to meeting him.  I was going to perhaps meet him next week but I don’t feel like driving 8 hours so I shall fly out ideally in a few months and have a vacation in his city.  And God knows I love vacations.

He has earned the honor of skyping with Me so we shall start that soon.  I  look forward to it…

My exhusband (ex cuckold) needs to stop by today to pick something up and I know I’ll feel like kicking him in the balls… We’ll see.

I would enjoy for those of you who read this and who are worthy to come over and serve Me in person next weekend.  I do LOTS of RT sessions, lifestyle etc.  Work towards it and you’ll probably get it!  I live for in person meetings !!

Have a tremendous day and go for a nice long walk …


Oh ~~~~ and HAPPY June !!


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