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What’s New With Me…

May 31, 2011

I have been super sick for over a week which sucks balls.  I would realllly like to find a few new subs to make things better.  Thank goodness I have a few nice loyal subs to often keep a smile on My face.

My birthday is on the fourth of July so I figured out what I shall do.  I am allowing a sub to take Me on a 4 day trip… part of it a motorcycle trip.  I am looking forward to all the fireworks, festivities, fucking and FUN !!!  It’s GREAT being Me !

Today I’m going out for lunch and to buy some paint to re-do the kitchen.  I really get off on picking out paint colors!  I have a free coupon for lunch and I’m taking a friend.

Last night I went to Sabrina’s NEW place.  She’s renting it with a girl who used to be a PLAYBOY MODEL.  I saw the girls pics and found out about how much she was paid etc.  Apparently she was paid more for the promotion afterwards than for the pics — ie: signing pics etc.  I also found out that at the time she was in playboy that a centrefold was paid 25 grand, got a stay in the Playboy Mansion for a month and a car for that month.  I would personally prefer 50 grand overall and a one night visit in the mansion but that wasn’t an option.  If I had modelled for Playboy I think I would have invested in real estate.  I LOVE real estate ventures.  By the way – I have done some modelling in the past and stripped for 10 days once.  I used to chum around a bit with MISS NUDE WORLD at the time and go to her exciting stripping extraveganzas complete with kick ass costumes!

Sabrina loooves her new place with her new roommate.  Sabrina is 19 and her roommate is 29 but looks about 23.  I saw her Playboy spread – fucking gorgeous.  If Sabrina wants to do the same then the roommate says she has the connections to pull major strings.  And Sabrina definitely has the major hot looks to pull it off.  Sabrina said she will send body shots of her to guys who pay up.  Mayyybe even show her face.  Probably some with Me as well.  🙂

I know I know — I still have to write about My trip but it is just so much stuff I don’t want to rush it.  I WILL get to it though.

You know when you just feel like you really have your shit together?  I pretty much feel like that all the time.

It is going to be soooo hot today.  Perhaps in the future I should have a sub get Me a convertible….  ’67 Impala  anyone.  Ice blue with a white interior ??

I received a lot of gift certificates last month and bought some cool ass shit — 2 pairs leather boots, smoothie make, workout gear including shoes etc etc.  Thanks Men !!!    I looove amazon cards !

I dyed My hair red 2 weeks ago and it looks very interesting and striking.  It has other colors in it as well.

I think My cat got hit by a car recently but I still have My huge uber shedding dog.  I adore My basset hound but he is a REAL pain in the asshole.  He thinks I’m his bitch and bosses Me around ALLLL the time !!

I hope I find a new real time sub soon who loves serious cock and ball torture.  I am really in the mood.

My friend’s here now…  Gotta’ go.

Bye for now friends.



All Different Kinds of Subs…

May 16, 2011

Subs who aren’t subs, Subs who are,

The former won’t ever get very far,

Fat ones, bald ones, skinny and grim,

Hot ones, cold ones,  even “Him”,

Slim and beautiful underwear models,

The next big fat fuck who walks and waddles,

“Yes Mistress, Yes Ma’am, whatever you like”,

The next one as useless as a toad on a bike.

Brainiacs, geniuses, cock galore,

Nerdy ones, nice ones.. I want more, more, MORE!

Patient and happy, Annoying as fuck.

bob, mike, jim. john.  A redhead named chuck.

Successful, downtrodden, unhappy and lost

Found little man puppies, what do they cost?

New and exciting, old and gay,

I want to fuck ALL their asses on this beautiful May Day,

Hosting and hunting, caught in My trap,

A blood thirty vampire.  A rat.  A cat.

I do love them all and hate every last one.

I eat them.  I fuck them.  I give them the runs.

I want them.  I need them.  I throw them away.

I want them for breakfast every God damned day.

Squeeze My fucking juice and get the bacon a crackling,

I want those damn nipples, a burning, fat fattening.

Hunger and pain.  Thirst and devour. 

Starving and yearning for every golden shower.

Never oh never is too many enough,

More more more more of the right fucking stuff.

Obedience and brains.  More than a rocket scientist or two.

Eating, chewing and spitting out – it is what I do.

It’s not that hard to get it right.

Just dream of Me, breath Me,and live for Me

Each and every day and night.

The payoff for you is a wonderous grand thing.

A fullfillment, contentment.  Better than any possible ring.

A reward everlasting of a higher calling than you,

A serving, relentless, overempowering emotional glue.

If feels so soft and so warm and safe.

Let My strong wings embace you in the most protective place.

Welcome home.  No need to worry about anything anymore.

I’ll do the worrying for you and I’ll take care of you.

All you have to do is shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride.

My ride.


I Had…

May 4, 2011

… one horrible horrible day last week.  It’s actually a long story.  It’s so very rare that I have a bad day.  Aren’t bad days for toher people?  Isn’t that for the naive and those lacking in good karma ~ amongst other ailments.  If I told you what happened to a friend of mine ~ right in front of Me ~ you would be very surprised.  I was the one to take them to the emergency room and they got in RIGHT away ~ no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

This week is faring much better but that disaster is still on My mind.

Sabrina shall be here a lot for the next week ~~~ at My house that is ~~~ not on another phone line.  You see – EVERYTHING about ME is AUTHENTIC…

Gotta go, someone’s here…