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Oooooohhh… will wonder never cease..

April 29, 2011

I actually think that I may have met a REAL LIVE submisssive on the PHONE lately.  Now THAT ideally will be a FUN meeting.  Sooo many things to think and do !!!  You know who you are! 

Sorry I have not been around lately for you bitches howver I have been increasingly busy doing fun things.  When I have more time later tonight or this weekend I shall tell you about MY amazzzing trip!

I had a jackass yahoo Me today and waste 10 whole minutes of My time.  Apparently he’s mafioso.  lol.  And that’s why he’s dirt poor.  I’ve HAD mafia subs and he is NOT one of them.

I’m going on a fun little outing tonight and wearing a beautiful new outfit.  Very drool worthy.  SHould be fun.

Sabrina and I have been hanging out a lot latel and she’ll be around A LOT next week !! I like her a considerable amount.  We do have SUCH fun together.