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Had an amazzzing time …

March 29, 2011

I had the BEST time at one of the World’s best spas.  I stayed overnight and enjoyed the most amazing cuisine.  I stayed alone and caught up on some DVD’s. 

From Apr3-14 I will be gone on vacation on a cruise and a bunch of places.  I friggin LOVE the Goddess lifestyle !!

I’m still always looking for RT subs !  Message or call ME !  A great sub is hard to find!


I’m Feeling generous tonight…

March 18, 2011

I will be around for calls  (And REAL TIME) tonight and I feel like giving out My yahoo messenger to any lucky little bitches smart enought to ASK for it!

Call Me — And If you live nearby then come over for a SESSION this weekend !!!!!#@#%^&

I realllllly feel like abusing some men tonight and this weekend.  What a reward.  Whatever aggression I don’t get out this weekend will have to come with Me to My overnight spa getaway this week and be neutralized there!


REAL REAL real rewlalallerelalslrerllaaearreal

March 14, 2011

I’m sooooo tired of reading listings advertising  “I’m a REAL Dominatrix” when   THEY are actually just  PHONE GIRLS with absolutely NO REAL TIME experience whatsofuckingever.  Makes Me vomit really.  I DEAL IN REALITY.  I severely wish more idiot men on here did.  Fuck, I find this sooooo annoying!

Blabbing on the phone 24/7  (with no actual life to speak of) about BDSM shit you’ve read doesn’t make you a Real TIme Domme honey!

What the fuck ever.

Sorry I Haven’t Written for Awhile…

March 9, 2011

Lately I have been doing a lot more doing than talking…

As you know – Sabrina and I made up and she’s doing calls with Me again.  She stayed for the whole weekend however she showed me a phone pic she took from Thursday night of some MAJOR scratches she did to some guy during sex.  She also showed Me her new BLACK  lingerie garter, corset and bra set that she bought.  SHe knew I’d be impressed because that kind of outfit translates into POWER. The young guy she whipped fucking loved it and what was best about it was that it was totally impromptu.

I have been doing a lot more RT lately.  Lots of hungry man bitches to choose from.  I allowed one of them to take Me on a fabulous 7 course meal the other weekend and be My shoe slut once again.

I haven’t been working on My dungeon lately.  I did meet a female who I’m going to be friends with though.  I don’t choose to make too many new friends so this is rare.  (I usually feel like I already have enough friends but with Sabrina and I being on the outs for awhile I thought I would hold potential friend interviews.)  So – the new friend and I have been spending some time together and her husband is a TERRIFIC cook.  My new friend “Jill” has 7 snakes and some of them are pythons.  She also has an amazing house and her husband did tons of the work himself.

I am probably going on a gambling mini vacation tomorrow with My 75 yo friend Bob.  I like hanging with him because we are both so wise and bullshit free.  In fact – we are having lunch together today.  So what that he’s almost a half century older than me… It’s OBVIOUSLY totally platonic!  I did flash him once though… hahahha

My basset hound is sick today and so is My rat.  😦  I have been hand feeding the little rat for days.

I’m going on a big cruise and vacation soooon~ in a month.  I want more subs to help Me out with that.  You will be handsomely rewarded.  I may even be visiting your neck of the woods!

I am looking forward to the summer and all the swimming etc.  BUT what I realllly want is MORE real time subs to serve Me on going !!!  Any takers ???   Contact Me for REAL TIME SESSIONS.  I am now also on a web site for real time…