Something Bothered Me a Bit…

A little while ago I wrote a snarky little Xmas blog which I later deleted.  I deleted it because it didn’t really reflect ME – just what I was feeling at that exact moment.  You see ~ phone “domination” bothers Me on many levels and this is because I am a REAL TIME Mistress –  A REAL TIME DOMINATRIX.  I see this on sooo many girls profiles on NF and I know for a FACT that they’re not.  In fact they sometimes even fool Me at first until I find out for sure.  And since I do see so many SUBS at My home over the years ~ My standards for subservience are high.  In real time meetings My standards are always met but on NF I am another voice.  Yes – a strong, confident, dominant sexy voice but a voice nonetheless.  I like meeting subs best.  I like owning them from afar and then meeting them.  Having them serving Me HERE.  Having the fantasy actually be a reality.  I want to MEET subs.  I want to know them.  I want them to be OWNED by Me.  And often they are.

Of course I can spin My web over you via phone… just call Me and find out.

I am now on a website for RT meetings however I still need a level of anonymity so call Me to find out the name.  Also ~ this weekend I plan on doing some amazing Fetish Pics which WILL be made available.   I will also be working on My marketing efforts so expect some new things.

Thank you to all My good subs I have met on here.  I have enjoyed many of you.  I have expecially enjoyed crushing that farmer’s balls, concocting disgusting stories for bitch bobby, watching maddie cam, listening to My fave frog doing dishes MY way, blackmailing a few fellows until they DID not want blackmail anymore :), My sissy bitches, My fave army boy, and of course others.

Over the next few months I will be having MANY new subs over and expanding even MY experiences.  I will OFTEN have subs over so INQUIRE if you would like to be a part of a session – via phone or in person.  I am about to embark on creating an AMAZING dungeon in MY new home and am ALWAYS looking for new subs.  Always.  I am also looking for someone who makes amazzing fetish furniture in exchange for personalized sessions. !!!

Whatever your fetish ~ I like it all and I DO IT ALL.   Get a hold of Me if you’re looking for extreme CBT, sissification – I have NUMEROUS outfits for bitches, I looove forced intox., I create new exciting games to play at My home and on the phone. Contact Me.  I like the rough stuff.  I also like the all out “disgusting” stuff.  I love humiliating men ~ ESPECIALLY in public and even when YOU’RE in public via phone.

I am 5’4″, very attractive, graduated with honours (shocking) and have so many interests and accomplishments that it’s actually weird.  My IQ is extremely high if you’re into THAT kind of nonsense.  My time is My own to do as I choose and I choose to share some of it with YOU.  I LIVE the Goddess lifestyle but Iwant to step it up a few notches ~ I want it all and am willing to work for it and create it.  Relentless by nature I KNOW I shall eventually have it ALL ~ 5 great slaves, My future bar in Spain and a life where I support all 5 slaves financially just becasue then I really have ALL the power.  They will be working in MY bar of course and around My house and guest house.  A small simple exciting eccentric life for Me and a lucky handful.  I am always working to make that goal a reality.

Today I went to a fleamarket with a sub and bought an amazing pic of dead labeled butterflies.  I also purchased some exciting food products.  We went out for lunch and I received many an admiring stare.  I love wearing My mink bomber jacket with jeans and high heeled boots.  I love having large exciting tits and a cunt that just won’t fucking stop.  I looove the blowjob I gave in the vehicle on the way home and I love the power acquired from a wet slobbery  haze induced award winning cock suck.  I love being in charge and do not believe I have a submissive bone in My body.  I am a lady, fun, daring, adventurous and out going.  I love being on the board of directors for art organizations and offered exciting positions.  I love being approached to speak on Art in Colleges.  I love writing for the newspapers and knowing I have a following – although if no one read anything I wrote that would be O.K. too.  I have loved doing cartoons as well for the papers and hearing about people’s reactions to My controversial sence of humor.  I love having My quotable quotes published ~ My fave being  ‘” When life gives you lemons sell them, and buy champagne.”  I love having subs to share things with.  To share My life with.

I looove when subs can’t function without Me becasue they’re too far into it.  

Most of all though ~ I fucking love being a Dominatrix.

Call Me – let’s get reacquainted.

     -Mistress Kimberley  (aka:  Domme Eve)


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