Friday Sub — Extreme CBT at My house…

I had the MOST fun 24 yr old EXPERIENCED sub over on Fri. night.  We had been corresponding on a BDSM site for a bit and I decided to invite him over. 

He lives about 3 hours away and loooves his cock tortured.

I tortured it in so very very many ways.  I’ll go into detail later as I don’t have much time right now.

He got more than he bargained for.  He SAID he wanted it EXTREME.  Extreme is what he got.  Be careful what you wish for because with Me you will probably get it.  (If I like you that is.)

I have a new dog collar holder for subs attached to the wall in My livingroom.  It is a very nice look for you bitches…

My Friday sub was VERY generous.  Many of you boys could take a lesson from him.

(Speaking about lessons ~~~~  Mr     “——55”  it has been far too long since your lazy ass has called and you need some supreme dicipline, correction, and cleaning tutilege.  Are those dishes piling up lately?  I expect to hear from you soooon — it has been wayyyy too long.  Plus – you live so close and all…… !!!  Moreover, you missed Sabrina’s Birthday you bad bad boy.)

This month and next I will be very busy meeting with new subs and sissy maids.  Oh what a fun year it’s shaping up to be !


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