This weekend cummmming….

I’m having some brand spanking new subs over this weekend ~ new to Me.  I would never ever see completely inexperienced subs.  I have standards and a life.  Not even when they try to throw tons of money at Me.  Newbies can shove it right up their assholes!  They are often time wasters and retarded.

I sucked a lot of dick last week as I was in a really weird mood.  I just felt  like having tons of spongy flesh down my throat, across my ruby lips, filling my mouth.  It was like an adDICKtion or something.  Like I was having cock withdrawl.  I wanted to lick, suck, jerk, squeeze, hold, kiss?, and fuck that cock to fucking death.  I was dead tired and about to go back to sleep but it’s like the power of the penis was calling Me, beckoning Me….  “Suck Me.  Fuck Me.  Suck Me.  Fuck Me”.  Slobber all the fuck over me.  Fuck me up fuck me down.  I wanted it wiggling in my mouth.  Stuffed in there.  Filling every last vestige of free space.  Osmosising into every last inch of my hot soaked pleasing hungrrry mouth.  Filling my moist cavern of glacial dentistry bliss.  Over my gums.  Sliding across my teeth.  Filling my cunt.  Stretching my jaws.  Feeding my thirst, Quenching my delirium.  Satiating my hunger.  Fixing my fix.  Healing me.  Helping me.  Like a starving animal ripping apart a colony of fat healthy juicy tasty rats.  Clawing at your flesh.  Feasting finally.  Nuts in my face.  Balls slapping my chin.  Fingering my holes.  Rats “popping” like skewers of filet mignon.  Drizzled with slivers of caviar mounds.  Firm dick, cock, balls and ass.  Hungry vermin being devoured in mere seconds.  Never ever ever ever getting enough.  Of feeling full.  Of being fucked and sucked to death.  A big beautiful cock filling my asshole that day and shooting a thunderous think ribbon of juicy man crust thick and white up my beautiful bountiful crying asshole.  He shoots he scores.  A massive load hitting the walls, ceiling and eyes.  So mouth watering.  Will the rodents et al ever be satisfied?  Fucking doubtful…Always hungry.  ALWAYS thirsty.  For blood gorged addictive throbbing COCK…

Got cock?


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