March of the…

I found myself walking like a penguin today and was even called on it by penguin man himself —-  that dastardly crossdressing friend brian.  The bastard’s rubbing off on Me.

He walks around my house with his pants pulled up almost to his chin wearing his oh so sexy windbreaker pants and other assorted 12 yr old boy clothes.    And he is always walking like a penguin and making other weird animal like talon gestures.  His toenails are disgusting HOWEVER I  commented at dinner last night that I think his face is growing into his skull – that was pretty nice of me.   He let Me know that his childhood friends did actually tease him about having a big head.

  Last night we went for dinner at 10ish, and had drinks as well.  We sat in front of a fireplace and it was  very very fun.  That guy is  a cornucopia of fucking info… so very many kinds.  He and My main sub  got into a long hockey referee convo a few nights ago and the main sub was so enthralled that he let his dinner go ice cold.

I almost crapped my pants when brian picked up the $70 check last night.  He is SUCH a miser.  He doesn’t even turn his gas heating on all winter becasue he’s pissed off at the gas company so he FREEZES.  I think he uses a tiny space heater but has no use at all for his fridge in the winter because he can just leave all the food out anywhere.  He also has a 4 floor house but only lives on the top floor – he thinks perhaps racoons may be burrowing in somewhere in his house.  I can’t even tell you the advark story or whatever animal it was but I sure would fucking love to.

Now he’s gone and I actually miss him.  He’ll have to stay longer next time.  We did a fun magic spell today on my kitchen floor and other assorted para psychology gobbly goo…  I love when that shit works though and work it does oft times.  Carlos Casteneda is quite the muse.  My new gentle giant dog kept getting in the way and I have to fucking sweep dog hair 4 times a day so I can pretend he doesn’t shed.  He’s such a dollface and lazy as crap ~ love it!

Brain and I tried to watch Alfred Hitcock’s “Rebecca” yesterday but the tape quality was crap.  We did watch lotsa’ other good movies though and reallly lounged like lizards.

I saw Sabrina today and she’s being a double – no triple – douchemaster.  Well – one can expect that from someone so young. 

Brian and I went for dinner right before I dropped him at the bus terminal – he could afford a rolls royce but prefers to bicycle 3 km to work everyday.  And when we went for dinner he was back to his old self.  We split the check and he complained about contributing an extra 3 bucks.  He was watching the clock like a HAWK becasue last time he visited I accidentally on purpose dropped him off and he missed the bus by mere minutes.  Sabrina was with me.  Brian had been up for a longer visit and was bugging the shit out of me.  So little did he know that my car clock was wrong.  He had to wait at various terminals for an extra 3-4 hours.  Sabrina and I laughed our asses off hysterically and it is still one of the things that makes me most happy to think of.  Even right now I have a MASSIVE shit eating grin.  Revenge is sooo delicious but if I told you some of my REAL revenge stories you would think I was sick – albeit creative.  And in my opinion the world is already full of wayyy too much “normalcy”.  When I see that sucker coming to bite my ankles and slash at my ass I just call good old brian up for a visit.  Now that fucker’s refreshing !


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