I’m Liking This…

I received this comment on My blog today.  And alas – from a girl because you jackasses are usually too lazy to comment……… (This was a comment regarding an Easter post I wrote about when I stripped for a bit.)


“I have a mole by my ass crack too!!! I always used to freak the fuck out thinking the guy I was with would think it was a piece of poo…anyway, I’ve become obsessed with your blog. I’m a 33 year old girl…I hate calling myself a “woman”…sounds too old ladyish. Awesome girl, if I do say so. Blah blah blah. Your writing is so entertaining! I don’t even know how I came across it….I WAS obsessed with some chick comedian’s blog, but yours is even BETTER! I’ve ran down my phones battery reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Sorry I commented on an old post, but I had to comment on the ass crack mole….”


Couldn’t have written it better myself.  I like Kathy Griffin.  If she lived near me I would like to be her friend but I don’t know who would be more crazzzzzzy.   Thanks for the feedback.  I kinda’ wished my new dog was a girl so I could say “I’ve gotta’ go now and return to my 2 bitches in my livingroom.”  Pierce Brosnan makes a pretty good Bond so I best watch the end of it.  Write again anyyyyytime!

PS  So you’re the one reading it.


One Response to “I’m Liking This…”

  1. shay Says:

    Aww..if I were a man, I’d totally be your “man bitch”…..

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