Fun fun week ahead…

My friend brian is coming for 3 nights!  He’s a very interesting fellow.  Arguementative, fun, interesting, psycho, smart etc etc.  He also enjoys crossdressing and I KNOW he’d suck a cock or 3 for Me !!!  He’ll be here Mon-Thurs ~ in case you want to tell him how you’d like to suck his cock, how he should suck yours OR if you would really like to come over and suck or BE SUCKED – then JUST LET ME KNOW!  REALLY!

These are some of the things I have planned for us:

-a visit to the local world class art gallery where I’ve had many of My acrylic paintings

-We’re going to see the movie “Burlesque” with Cher.  Brian wants to see it for the outfits.

-I’m taking him to a great steak house with one of my gift certificates from a rt sub.  Mmmmmm !!!

-We’re walking my gorgeous bassett hound and taking him for interesting walks allll over the place.

-I have to show Brian my new house, new room, new bed, new corsets… tons of new shit.  I also have to show him my BDSM computer sites and interesting computer shit.  I’m going to give him one of my many corsets for Christmas.

-We’re probably going to go to a great seafood place.

-We’re going to rent great old movies and foreign films and lounge like lizards.

-We’re going to cook up a storm and have people over…  😉

-And a bunch of other stuff….

I haven’t seen him in 2 years but it feels like about 5 months because time flies !!!  My life is completely different than 2 years ago.  It was pretty friggin’ good then but now it’s absolutely amazing.  However ~~~ I want more HIGH quality regular subs!

Cummmmmmmmm play with us this week slut.  Chicken!


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