Christmas Chair……

2 y’s u r, 2 y’s u b, I c u r, 2 y’s 4 me….   silly little thing.  I remember My aunt who raised Me writing that down when I was very young to see if I could figure it out.  I was known as the ugly duckling ~ the one with the brains.  It was a joke though because I was also so damn  beautiful.  I like when subs come to My door and I look even better  than they expected.  I love their first look.  Although I oft want to just stuff something so far up their filthy ass at first glance that it’s sticking through their eye sockets.  I want to punch, bite, make bleed.  Whip, spit, spank and choke.  I want My new damn loveseat to be free of semen debris as their lapping tongues will never ever come close to this new piece of  pre X-mas luxury.

I want their chesnuts roasting in My open fire with a fine carmelized urine glaze.  I want blood spot soup for dessert.  Pubes caught between shiny white perfect teeth and strands caught in coughing throats.  Black beans in kidneys and rosebuds stuffed too far.  Turkey’s bits, head, neck and ears sheered closely and deliciously cropped.  Nuts and tails wagging between bad boy’s legs.  Fishnets all aglow ~ it’s a major award.  Tongues on toast frosted poles, peeling.  Laughter behind carniverous window pains as teacher gasps and has a secret chuckle.  Be careful with that dangerous hot cock – it’ll blow hard and you’ll shoot your eye out. Fra la la la la.

A super scary dangerous black cliff and a massive bag of semen goodies.  Weird yellow hair and horned malicious teeth.  Baby susie won’t sleep so well tonight.  Jack frost nipping at nipples, toys a tumbling, black currents tasting like shit and sweet potato fries available at every fucking chain good turn.  What ever happened to originality?

The old fucker comes down, hardly fitting.  I grab the biggest fucking dildo I can find.  Bright red with fangs and a circle of thorns rimmmming the base.  Mmmm  delicious jingly balls.  I bend that fat fuck over and see another fat furry ass staring me in the face like I’m being presented with the crown fucking jewels.  I shove cookie after cookie into fat bastards mouth and yell a curdling “Shut the fuck up you dirty whore!”  I fuck that loose ass with so much force and strength that I feel a metallic blood taste cumming up My throat.  Like a hungry whore vampire, strike after strike.  Plumes of God knows what permeating the air and hitting the walls, sticking, sliding.  The fat fuck almost fucked to death.  Panting, perspiring.  I say “Sit the fuck down on this chair and finish your cursed cookies old man”.  He does as instructed.  Looks bewildered.  And sweats like a fucking pig.  Merry fucking Ho Ho.


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