What a Load of CRAP %^$@&

… I was just looking over some girls’ wishlists and I have to say  WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

Who the hell wants all the useless shit they put on these things?

I’m glad I’m at a place where I enjoy collecting real estate and investments as opposed to the most stupid overpriced girly shit imaginable…

Gay ass necklaces with devil horns, vampire movies, $1000 purses and the worse by far — anything “Hello Kitty”.

Pretty gay shit if you ask Me.  Then again – I’m saving up for a permanent life of luxury abroad… Nothing better than having a plan which is slowly coming to fruition.

Girls and their stupid gifts.  Give Me cold hard cash ANY DAY!  And thank you boys ~ you DO ~!

Oh – and you’re welcome for Me sending out My full face new pics for $16.66.   I’m glad sooo many of you liked them.  And yes!  There’s more to cummmmmmmmm !!!


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