He Walked in to The Party Like He Was Walkin’ onto the Yacht…

Love that song.  As he entered the cabin he slipped on freshwater pearls which had been strewn about the wood plank floor.  His body heaved heavily and came to rest all askew.  On the way down his head hit a cabinet and he was out cold.

When he woke up his head ached!  But more troublesome was the fact that he was shackled to the toilet in the tiny bathroom.  His clothes were off and he was naked save for a thick leather pink leather collar adorned with sharp spikes.  There were tears stinging his eyes.  He tasted the blood in the corner of his lip.

As she meandered over he could see her high heel silver shoes approaching.  They glistened from the sun coming in though the porthole.  She was clad in a skin tight white short dress and even in his despair she took his breath away.  She really was a Goddess….


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