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What a Load of CRAP %^$@&

November 17, 2010

… I was just looking over some girls’ wishlists and I have to say  WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

Who the hell wants all the useless shit they put on these things?

I’m glad I’m at a place where I enjoy collecting real estate and investments as opposed to the most stupid overpriced girly shit imaginable…

Gay ass necklaces with devil horns, vampire movies, $1000 purses and the worse by far — anything “Hello Kitty”.

Pretty gay shit if you ask Me.  Then again – I’m saving up for a permanent life of luxury abroad… Nothing better than having a plan which is slowly coming to fruition.

Girls and their stupid gifts.  Give Me cold hard cash ANY DAY!  And thank you boys ~ you DO ~!

Oh – and you’re welcome for Me sending out My full face new pics for $16.66.   I’m glad sooo many of you liked them.  And yes!  There’s more to cummmmmmmmm !!!


The Weekend….

November 15, 2010

-Brand new sub from 3 hours away on Sat. night.  Fairly pleasing although he ASKED if he could go down on Me.  Puuulease … you and everyone else would looove to do.  Ooohh.. what an offer.  Not.  That shit is EARRRNED !!!

-Friday night …  romantic dinner, foreign films and shit.

-Saturday day… fucking and shopping.

-Sunday ~ My friend got married.  FABULOUS big fat greek wedding with 5 course meal.  I gave $200 for a present.  Hope it was enough.  I bought a gorgeous outfit for the wedding.  I sat with other younger rowdys and it was fun.  I always seem to be the life of the party ~ when I feel like it.

Overall I would give this weekend an 87.6%.  The new sub brought Me some good shit.  Next weekend I am going away to a hotel for a night… blah blah blah.  I want to order some tickets for a weird live production.  Gotta’ go.


Call Me – I’m fucking    B O R E D !!!! #$!@%^&*

This is going to be the BEST weekend…

November 9, 2010

I may be meeting and dining with another like minded couple this weekend and playing at My home.

Also —  I am still deciding which new sub to entertain this weekend.

I had a tremendous work day yesterday …. working from home of course.  Many REAL Goddesses don’t really work.

I received this new series from a sub’s gift certificate about a gigalo called “Hung” (The series name not the guy’s name).   It’s really quite good !!

I wrapped more of my X-mas presents.  Glad I’m finished that yucky stuff!!

Gotta run…  I’ll tell you about it later…

SUR -fucking- PRISE !!!!! $%@#^&

November 7, 2010

As some of you may know – I am technologically INEPT.

HOWEVER ~~~~~~~~~I have now perfected (I think) the art of sending My  amazzzzing pics to you bitches!! 

When we next speak ~~~~ ask Me to send you some.  I haven’t been able to for awhile because hotmail changed so I was unable to forward them.  However – now I know how to send pics from files!  😉

Why did it take so long to learn you ask?  BECAUSE I AM A REAL MISTRESS thus I am busy – especially with real life subs!!  I DO NOT need to make a living from here because I am what I SAY I am thus I ALREADY live the Goddess lifestyle!

I have HUNDREDS of pics of Me in scenes and I will be taking many more soooon.  I CHOOSE NOT TO have My image for sale and SPLASHED all over the friggin’  internet though.  I do have a life AND am a public figure !!

MESSAGE ME – and/or call ME for SMOKIN PICS>>>  I am also available for cam via request!!!


November 5, 2010

My friend Brian is a nice 6ft tall crossdresser and is coming to stay with me for 3 days at the beginning of Decemeber.  I am looking for subs who love sucking cock to come over and playyyyyyyy.  Serious inquiries only.  You MUST be available one day during the week, during the day.    And you should already ideally have cocksucking experience .


ALSO …  If anyone would like some CUSTOM pics of most ANYTHING YOU CAN think of — then let me know.  The grosser the better and EVERY inquiry will be considered.  Again ….  EVERY INQUIRY WILL BE CONSIDERED.

He Walked in to The Party Like He Was Walkin’ onto the Yacht…

November 5, 2010

Love that song.  As he entered the cabin he slipped on freshwater pearls which had been strewn about the wood plank floor.  His body heaved heavily and came to rest all askew.  On the way down his head hit a cabinet and he was out cold.

When he woke up his head ached!  But more troublesome was the fact that he was shackled to the toilet in the tiny bathroom.  His clothes were off and he was naked save for a thick leather pink leather collar adorned with sharp spikes.  There were tears stinging his eyes.  He tasted the blood in the corner of his lip.

As she meandered over he could see her high heel silver shoes approaching.  They glistened from the sun coming in though the porthole.  She was clad in a skin tight white short dress and even in his despair she took his breath away.  She really was a Goddess….

A fun weekend of taking niteflirt calls….

November 5, 2010


For some reason I am realllly in the mood to do niteflirt calls!  It has been super slow. 

My opinion is that if ANY of you subs enjoy reading My 10000%  TRUE  blog then you should tribute me a little something as soon as you read this so that it will brighten my day.

It really will you know.