I had a really fun week and last weekend too…

I got too busy to write about last weekend but I did have a 26 yr. sub over and did lotsa’ things.  Sabrina was here for the “tail end” of it.  She loves spanking.  She stayed for the whole weekend but had a few shifts and her new department store job.  She works in lingerie in a high end store.  She knows lingerie.  I had some drinks at a sports bar on Sat. and some guy bought them.  I did a bunch of other fun things too.

The other night I bought a bed fit for a king complete with bedding, mattress- the whole shebang.  I will get it in a month.  It’s insanely NICE!

I will be around for calls A LOT this weekend so make an earnest effort to call THIS WEEKEND.  I’m being a courtesan for Hallowe’en again.  Hot as shit black and gold puffy dress that sure shows off my cleavage !

A new business project of mine is going terrific.  I mean – really well.   Not tons of $$ but I find it VERY mentally stimulating and I have made staggering progress at it already.  In fact – I have blown the competition away – not literallly !

KISSES and blows !!! HAhahaha 

We’ll speak sooooooooooooooon !


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