About a few nights ago…

The other night My main sub arrived here around midnight and I was fast asleep.  However it didn’t take Me long to wake up when I felt his tongue up My pussy… Mmmmm what a way to wake up !  The next thing I knew I was turned around onto My stomach and I felt his cock jabbing ever so slowwwly into My yearning asshole…. you soooo don’t deserve to hear the rest!  It took about 5 minutes of gentle coaxing to get it in.  It made me so fucking wet it was insane!  Then I had him pick up the pace and I began saying “Harder!  Deeper!”  It was EXTREMELY animalistic, intense, primal, hot, dirty, wet and all around fucking AMAZZZING !  I loooove getting My ass pounded on occasion!  DE-FRIGGIN’-LICIOUS !!!  He pumped and pounded that ass into a worn out pulp.  I love a good hard cock fucking my ass!   And then next thing I knew I felt a torrential wave of semen filling My asshole up to the brink.  POW !!#@!$.  He sure did let that spunk fly.  I lay spent on the bed and asked if he’d enjoy sucking the come out of MY ass to which he replied “I’d love to”.  I didn’t let him though…  hahahaha  And how was your week ???


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