Danno Banno, Fee Fie Foe Fanno…

I just called My friend Dan.  I actually had forgotten his phone # for a few months becasue I never write anything down.  We’re going to have the most fun day.  He is pretty good looking but too thin.  That guy needs some meat on his bones.  A few years ago I used to have him over after weekend scenes and I would share some of My interesting food loot with him and interesting take-out.  We also used to do the odd magic spell.  It was quite fun.  I loved regalling him with interesting sub task stories – mainly tasks which I had invented.

I just told him on the phone that My dog died – even after 3 grand in surgery. 😦

We’re going to go for lunch, to the casino, shopping and fucking.  Just kidding about the last part however like everyone – I probably have already fucked him.

My sinuses are acting up which is weird.  Wanna’ suck My nostrils clean for ME?  You’d be surprised how many would JUMP at that offer.

Well – I’m off for another fun day.  I hope you have a fun day too…


PS  I have to wrap sooo many Xmas presents it’s stupid.  Any subs who wanna come over this weekend and serve sabrina and me  and wrap presents – just let Me know…

PPS  I lost 4 lbs.


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