Something’s annoying me today however I won’t tell you about it.  I will say though that most people are fucking retards and that is a fact.  I’m just glad that luckily enough I am not!  Someone who I see fairly often often is !!!

Last night I went for 2 drinks and pretty much finished up My Christmas shopping.  I feel amazing about that.  No line ups for this gal.  I do have to finish wrapping though.  There’s nothing I can think of that I want for Xmas.  Maybe just a big wad of cash.  I think subs should outdo themselves this year and give to a worthwhile GODDESSSSSSS ~~~ moi !!!

I cleaned my large bedroom today and re-arranged some furniture.  I have been doing a FEW fen shui things as of late.  My bedroom is incredibly intersting and has cool furniture.  Who shall be My first NEW sub to see it ???  Hmmm…. I wonder.

I have ALL next weekend free so I will be having about 3-4 subs over – some BRAND NEW.  GREAT SUBS are hard to find.

I took a bath today – like most days – and I will probably take another one soon.  My sinuses are acting up of all fucking things.

I actually am starting to miss Sabrina more these days even though I see a fair bit of her.  She is getting quite busy with other things.  I really like her a lot and she makes a GREAT Dominatix.  All her “hard” work has CERTAINLY paid off.  She has turned into quite the amazing young woman – which I knew she would.  Doors open easy for her as they do for Me…

Call Me tonight.  I need to get some REAL agression out of My system !!!   F U C K do I ever.


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