I Was Thinking about Something…

I was just reading a profile on niteflirt about a “Domme” advertising that she often denies orgasm and I thought “Who the fuck doesn’t?”

I read about blackmail and KNOW that it’s not as REAL as mine.  I bought my first house via blackmail.  I do feel a TINCH bad about that actually but then My very next thought is .. “Oh well… it was him or me”.

I read about cuckolds and think about My ex husband or my 5 boyfriends when I was 23 or or or or…

I AM IDEALLY LOOKING FOR REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIME.  YES!  GET IT !!!!!  R E A L .  I fucking LOOOOVE MEETING SUBS.  Real ones!  Collecting them like sport cards.  I have lots of both of these.

I read about humiliation and know I am probably the only one  who actually means Everything I say.

I love when men cry… over me and for me.  Because of Me.

I love owning men – it is THEIR honour and privilege.

I keep My standards high.

I will eventually have and support 5 wonderful subs ~ within 12 years tops.  They will work for MY various businesses.  Their lives will be filled with relaxation, joy and bliss ~ as mine is.  Yes they will serve Me however I will also have “others” serving us.  As MY subs are above all other “Dommes” and such as they belong to ME.  Get it ??    I surround Myself with happy people and only happy subs will do.  And I make them even HAPPIER – and they Me.  Very symbiotic actually.  They craaave serving Me.  It is THEIR joy and pleasure.  And when I’m gone they are still calling 5 years later and begging still for a place in my life.  I doubt their wives and children would be happy.  I doubt they are themselves. 

You reap what you sew…   True words were never spoken.


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