I Met a new sub for lunch yesterday.

He was in his 40’s so he was a fair bit older than me.  I had him visit the washroom and cage his cock in the CB3000 – that’s the one everyone seems to have.  I put the key on my keychain along with the others.  I had butter garlic shrimp and a crab and shrimp stuffed potato – it was fucking incredible.

He thought I looked stunning – of couse.  My hair turned out PERFECTLY.  I wore dark red lipstick, jeans, high heeled boots, low cut black sweater and a really interesting belt.  I looked the best I’ve looked in a month.  I also wore My sunglasses from “Mike”.  I actually love them and I try hard not to lose them becasue they were almost 300 bucks.  They do make the world look extra extra cheerful becasue of their tinting.  I wish “J” wasn’t SUCH a cerebral PUSSY though…. Meooooow.

I LOVE My new boots – Sabrina picked them out.  She’s actually REALLY good at picking stuff out for Me and I ACTUALLY let her.  She’s always trying to get me to buy things for her and sometimes I do.  She’s a pretty good girls all around – yeah right.  She’s getting her first place soon with a friend …. I MAY let her rent from Me someday.  I told her I would help her out with first and last.  ANYWAYS… My boots are black suede with a buckle and /GORGEOUS and comfortable — I think I told you about these beauties already.  THey are amazzzzing.  They have a great high heel.

I went to a fair last night and got on some rides for free — that often often happens.  I also “won” the almost biggest prize at the fair – a huge yellow and orange frog.  I love “winning” and hustling at the fair.  I went on lotsa’ rides and had the guy spin me ass over head tons of times- over and over and over.  He had to stop doing that to people later at night becsue someone threw up.  I ripped my leather jacket right up the back..  I have about 10 more though and am getting more for Xmas.

I didn’t see any guys I fucked at the fair.

I have a trmendous weekend planned.  I hope you do tooooo.  Farmer’s market, Xmas shopping, fucking, special dinner… blah blah blah.  One of My sub’s moms bought me a very nice gift card just out of the blue.  That was nice.  I think I’ll invite her for lunch out somewhere.

Two years ago at the same fair I left for about 20 minutes with a VERY YOUNG guy I used to bang.  I gave him a blow in my car and when we returned his dad was wondering where he went… although he already knew…  Hey hey hey HEY Mrs. Robinson… Jesus loves you… %$^&$*IOI^%$#@

Call Me today — I’ll be around all day and I’m in a very weird mood and wish to take some things out on your ass and psyche – amongst OTHER things…..

Bye bitch !


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