Blah blah blahhh

There’s a girl’s ass on niteflirt that’s really starting to annoy me.  Whenever I book on there is this big fat ass staring me in the face.  I’m not sure if I want to grab it and squooosh it or just throw darts at it.  Or perhaps just smack it right out of  My fucking way.

I’m meeting a new sub for lunch today.  He is from 2 hours away.  He’s being put into chastity – CB3000 of course.  He’s kind of annoying and I’m sure I’ll have to bitch slap him.  I had to give the fucktard directions over 3 times.  WOW.

I miss sub maddie and his hot hooker boots…  Where oh where has maddie gone?  Miss ya bitch.

I was awol a lot lately as Sabrina and I went out spur of the moment on Tuesday night.  I went Xmas shopping (I’m half finished) and then we went for escargot.  Then we went to an Irish pub and the owner who I didn’t know asked Me to do the big draw which is once a year.  I drew a guy’s name who wasn’t there.  We arrived home at 2:30 with a bunch of numbers neither of us plan on ever using.

I looked really good the other night.  Such a fine hair day.

Last night I went to the grocery store for ONE thing.  I spent $170 and forgot the ONE THING.  I needed oyster sauce or a different sauce for these weird shrimp chinese rice paper things I made.  They were labour intensive but of course turned out delicious.  I have them at Vietnamese restaurants sometimes.

I will probably be going to a fair tonight with the main sub.  He’s been a good boy lately and not really annoying at all.  He’s a clean fucking freakoid.

I had sooo much sex yesterday it was retarded.  Sabrina was over.  I also used My hitachi magic want for 2 hours in a row.  My gorgeous pussy certainly was fucking sore last night !!!  I was soo tired.  So much partying, fucking and sucking.  That’s why I’m not always available for calls…..  A REAAAAL GODDESS doesn’t NEED anything from you bitches – she already has enough becasue she is SMART and organized PLUS has REAL TIME subs making things super easy to boot.  She runs around doing her OWN thing.  You see — HOT girls DO that ~~~ fun things, going out, LIVING LIFE !!!  And boy do I live life !!!  I will NEVER always be available for phone boys becasue I am what I SAY I am — a REAL GODDESS living a GODDESS life.  Oh yeahhhh…  Not a fucking phone girl who’s never actually caged a cock in her whole miserable life – NOT a girl who sits by her fucking phone all day long every day WAITING for calls.  I have a life and have the luxury of CHOOSING when I will speak to you.  You will NOT be given the freedom of interrupting My exciting life 24/7 because I HAVE a life….  I actually walk the walk.  Ahhhhhh  @#$%^ yay for Me.

I was productive last night – running some errands and such and then JJ called.  I ALMOST met him before but then he blew it.  Sometimes boys will never learn.

Wow… My cunt hurt a lot last night.  My pussy lips were very very angry with Me!!!


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