Burning Annoyance

I have this burning in My chest derived from things that annoy Me today.  Little things.  Seemingly inconsequential however when you string them together it makes Me want to punch someone in the fucking  face.  And not a little sissy girl slap like last night but a full clenched balled and long purple nails digging into folded flesh kinda’ punch.  POW!  Right in the kisser.

Fucking little things annoy Me.  Seemingly like a flock of tiny harmless mosquitoes but when you look closer you smell the malaria.  FUCKING annoying people.  Annoying things.  Annoying places and annoying ways of doing things.  I feel like drilling – nailing and impaling but that would be much too kind.  Dropping it – the feelings – down a 50 foot well filled with acrid green oozing toxic acid.  No rainbow to be found.  The stench of imperfection too vile and suffocating one’s nostrils with a less-than mentality.  Low standards.  Retardation and compromise.  Why can’t just one thing manifest in its’ rightful form?  Something how it should be?  Something sensical?  A proper semblance of order?  FUCK SHIT AND PISS ME OFF.  Why are there sooo many low standards.

Why can’t things just be perfect like in My head?  So close but yet so far?  Close enough to touch though.  TOUCH !

And how was your day?


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