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I had a really fun week and last weekend too…

October 29, 2010

I got too busy to write about last weekend but I did have a 26 yr. sub over and did lotsa’ things.  Sabrina was here for the “tail end” of it.  She loves spanking.  She stayed for the whole weekend but had a few shifts and her new department store job.  She works in lingerie in a high end store.  She knows lingerie.  I had some drinks at a sports bar on Sat. and some guy bought them.  I did a bunch of other fun things too.

The other night I bought a bed fit for a king complete with bedding, mattress- the whole shebang.  I will get it in a month.  It’s insanely NICE!

I will be around for calls A LOT this weekend so make an earnest effort to call THIS WEEKEND.  I’m being a courtesan for Hallowe’en again.  Hot as shit black and gold puffy dress that sure shows off my cleavage !

A new business project of mine is going terrific.  I mean – really well.   Not tons of $$ but I find it VERY mentally stimulating and I have made staggering progress at it already.  In fact – I have blown the competition away – not literallly !

KISSES and blows !!! HAhahaha 

We’ll speak sooooooooooooooon !


About a few nights ago…

October 29, 2010

The other night My main sub arrived here around midnight and I was fast asleep.  However it didn’t take Me long to wake up when I felt his tongue up My pussy… Mmmmm what a way to wake up !  The next thing I knew I was turned around onto My stomach and I felt his cock jabbing ever so slowwwly into My yearning asshole…. you soooo don’t deserve to hear the rest!  It took about 5 minutes of gentle coaxing to get it in.  It made me so fucking wet it was insane!  Then I had him pick up the pace and I began saying “Harder!  Deeper!”  It was EXTREMELY animalistic, intense, primal, hot, dirty, wet and all around fucking AMAZZZING !  I loooove getting My ass pounded on occasion!  DE-FRIGGIN’-LICIOUS !!!  He pumped and pounded that ass into a worn out pulp.  I love a good hard cock fucking my ass!   And then next thing I knew I felt a torrential wave of semen filling My asshole up to the brink.  POW !!#@!$.  He sure did let that spunk fly.  I lay spent on the bed and asked if he’d enjoy sucking the come out of MY ass to which he replied “I’d love to”.  I didn’t let him though…  hahahaha  And how was your week ???

Lobster Bisque

October 22, 2010

I just bought the most amazzzing lobster bisque – to fucking DIE FOR !!!


October 22, 2010

Ideally we’ll even be doing REAL TIME scenes.  One brand new faggot just cancelled.  I FUCKING HATE THAT !!!  There is not much worse than an unorganized male.  ANNOYING>  Whatever.  The weekend will still be fucking amazzzzzzzzing !!!

JUST SO YOU KNOW — sometimes when Sabrina is here I don’t even advertise it on niteflirt.  Some guys just luck out and call and get to speak with her.  She coudl HONESTLY be a model.  She could be a tinch taller though.  I have done some modelling before (and stripping) as many of you know.  I like being super hot shit.  😉  Many of you know how I look already as you have EARNNNNED the privilege of My pics.  And believe you Me – it IS a privilege.

Well – I best be off to clean up… and a million other things.  I am doing some VERY interesting business projects this weekend.  VERRRRRRRRRRRY.  I have a new one going on right now which I will tell some of you about IF you fucking beg.  It seems like it has the potential to be lucrative in time…    #$%#^&*%&$^#%$# $$$$$$$$$

CALL ME TONIGHT FAGS >>>>>>  I’m hunggggry for meaty man cock and balls.  Plus I’m in the mood to stuff some assholes like turkeys….  Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be over for Me… Oh no oh no oh no #$%@^#&*%


I bought exciting interesting food for this weekend.

Oh yeaahhhssss I diiiiiid…

October 20, 2010

I gave a fucking MIND SHATTERING blowjob thismorning and ended up with a mouthful of delicious slimy semen.  Anyone want to come over tonight for caesar salad??

And how does THIS grab you – he was sitting in a recliner watching a sports channel while I was polishing his cock and sucking his balls.  Couldn’t reach his asshole though.    I talked him into playing hookey from work today.  His boss is SUCH a dick anyways.  Oh wait.  He IS the boss….  tehehehe


October 20, 2010

Why would a guy EVER come during a blowjob?

Doesn’t make sense.

Danno Banno, Fee Fie Foe Fanno…

October 18, 2010

I just called My friend Dan.  I actually had forgotten his phone # for a few months becasue I never write anything down.  We’re going to have the most fun day.  He is pretty good looking but too thin.  That guy needs some meat on his bones.  A few years ago I used to have him over after weekend scenes and I would share some of My interesting food loot with him and interesting take-out.  We also used to do the odd magic spell.  It was quite fun.  I loved regalling him with interesting sub task stories – mainly tasks which I had invented.

I just told him on the phone that My dog died – even after 3 grand in surgery. 😦

We’re going to go for lunch, to the casino, shopping and fucking.  Just kidding about the last part however like everyone – I probably have already fucked him.

My sinuses are acting up which is weird.  Wanna’ suck My nostrils clean for ME?  You’d be surprised how many would JUMP at that offer.

Well – I’m off for another fun day.  I hope you have a fun day too…


PS  I have to wrap sooo many Xmas presents it’s stupid.  Any subs who wanna come over this weekend and serve sabrina and me  and wrap presents – just let Me know…

PPS  I lost 4 lbs.


October 15, 2010


I am looking for a few more SUBS to serve Me in one week’s time at MY NEW HOME !

You MUST have experience.

Those of you lucky enough to reach Me through another sight already know that we probably live near each other.  I guess that would make this your lucky day !

I DO NOT want broke ass losers coming to My home.  I am used to being spoiled by Men.  Period!

You shall run a few errands for Me before coming over.

Things I especially love for first time visits…


-tease & denial

-nipple play

-*** foot worship

-having subs be my dog, servant, furniture, whipping boy…


-and whatever else I am in the mood for at that moment.  ME – not you !!!

ANY SERIOUS subs feel free to apply.  Mistress SABRINA will also be here A LOT that whole weekend.    I am REALLLLY looking forward to it….

Make the plunge.  It may be cold but it’s also wet and fun.  Boys are toys and we feel like playing…….

P.S.   We wear kick ass oufits ~ the whole 9 yards.  Drool baby drool.


October 14, 2010

Something’s annoying me today however I won’t tell you about it.  I will say though that most people are fucking retards and that is a fact.  I’m just glad that luckily enough I am not!  Someone who I see fairly often often is !!!

Last night I went for 2 drinks and pretty much finished up My Christmas shopping.  I feel amazing about that.  No line ups for this gal.  I do have to finish wrapping though.  There’s nothing I can think of that I want for Xmas.  Maybe just a big wad of cash.  I think subs should outdo themselves this year and give to a worthwhile GODDESSSSSSS ~~~ moi !!!

I cleaned my large bedroom today and re-arranged some furniture.  I have been doing a FEW fen shui things as of late.  My bedroom is incredibly intersting and has cool furniture.  Who shall be My first NEW sub to see it ???  Hmmm…. I wonder.

I have ALL next weekend free so I will be having about 3-4 subs over – some BRAND NEW.  GREAT SUBS are hard to find.

I took a bath today – like most days – and I will probably take another one soon.  My sinuses are acting up of all fucking things.

I actually am starting to miss Sabrina more these days even though I see a fair bit of her.  She is getting quite busy with other things.  I really like her a lot and she makes a GREAT Dominatix.  All her “hard” work has CERTAINLY paid off.  She has turned into quite the amazing young woman – which I knew she would.  Doors open easy for her as they do for Me…

Call Me tonight.  I need to get some REAL agression out of My system !!!   F U C K do I ever.

I Had to Write THe Following to…

October 13, 2010

… a “sub” I met who thinks it’s all about HIM !!!

Stop being a retard.
winter??   get a grip buddy.
You may think it’s the most exciting thing in the world to talk about your cock, golden done to you, strap on for you, your ass… blah blah blkah..
Wanna know a secret?  I do not think that everything regarding YOU is the most exciting thing on the planet.
Wanna’ know why ????  Because I am too fucking busy thinking about things revolving around ME.
Your ass and cock doesn’t interest me as much as  — oh let’s say… watching paint fucking dry.”