I’m Going Away This Weekend…


A fun little trip for Fri-Sunday.  Hmmm… how much no good shall I get up to?   Well…. the sky’s the limit.

Last Saturday I went out for awhile and had alll the guys in the bar in a friggin’ tizzy.  It’s ALWAYS been a known fact that I can get any guy I want.  I ooooze sex appeal.  Conceited but 100% accurate.  I wore tight jeans, classy high heeled pumps, black sweater and short gorgeous leather jacket.  With My beautiful blonde mane etc etc I looked like a knockout.  Yayyyyy….   I met a few guys who would looove to serve Me, a black guy who wanted desperately to nail Me…, an ex who was DYING to date me again but knew he had not a chance in hell…  and lotsa’ others including some smokin’ hot youngins.  Oh yeah… and an older mafia type guy who wanted to buy Me anything in the universe that I wanted.  And when I left alone — I had to circle the building to lose any stragglers…

I ended up going somewhere else after that and having mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm.

Life is good.  Very very very very good.  I hope yours is too.  Unless you’re an asshole then who really gives a shit.  AFTER ALL – we do tend to eventually reap what we sew.  And I am fucking LOVING the crop that’s a cummin’ up ! ! @ #~$!%^

I’m looking to meet new subs in 1.5 weeks….. KNOW ANY GOOD ONES ??????

I just had a lovely talk with a fine lad at one of My financial institutions.  I actually ended up meeting another fellow who I met in this same way on the phone.  I saw him on TV too before we met – he was discussing finances of the world on a news program.  He looked better on TV than in real life BUT I FUCKED him anyways when we finally went out once.  I oft get bored after that one time.  He had a big dick and was pretty good in bed.  We went to a greek restaurant beforehand.

Oh… at the bar the other night – guess what?  Something happened that always happens when there is a girl bartender —- I got cut off after 4 drinks !  I’m not even suprised anymore.  Jealous bitches.  Shocking.  Not !

My hitachi magic wand is fucking STUPENDOUS.  I can’t believe I settled for battery powered vibrators for years.  What a waste of time.  This new plug in thing is retardedly amazzzzing as shit.  AND THE POWERRRRR…  Ooohhhh… Ahhhh  OH MY FUCKING GOD IT’S LITERALLY INSANE  !! !  @!# $%

I got a new bedspread set which is black silkish with interesting designs.  I also bought a metal picture with a 50’s type lady’s face on it smiling and it says “Amazingly enough – I don’t give a Shit”.

My book will probably be published within 4 months.  God I’m lazzzy sometimes.  Some things you just HAVE to do yourself though.

I’m going out later for awhile.  Probably somewhere interesting and fun..  $#!%^@



3 Responses to “I’m Going Away This Weekend…”

  1. Adrian Says:

    What’s your book about?

  2. Dominant Eve Says:

    A complilation of interesting newspaper colums which were previously published ~ about 40 of them.

    I’m also working on an INSANE novel about a woman’s psychotic, fucked up and interesting life — with TONNSSS of sex stuff (of course).

  3. Adrian Says:

    Congratulations on getting published!
    Are you able to post one of your articles here online?
    Better still are you able to get one of your posts here printed in the paper??

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