Really classy french loser…

So he calls up and gets sympathy from me for being busy with funerals.  And I actually SYMPATHIZE !   Then this fellow who has an abundance of situational ethics calls up some fake bimbo and gives her gobs of his cash.

There’s no accounting for taste – or lack thereof.  This dish doing loser has always been that.  A fellow with NO taste in “Dommes”, probably in life altogether.  He probably needs to buy his friends.  So many stupid guys on here just fall head over heels for the fake stuff.  Can you say “stupid”.  So many stupid stupid men on here.  The games they play…. French frog looooves trying to top from the bottom, playing games and then professing loyalty.  He doesn’t know what LOYALTY is.  Wow ~ ever suggest actually meeting the coward and he curls up in the fetal postion.

I would prefer you don’t read My FREE blog anymore.  Thanks for the measly $66 tip and months of retardation out of you.  Have fun in your scaredy cat make believe world.  No balls to ever actually DO anything.  Shocking.

It’s hard being an actual NICE person on here with all these low quality “not even real” submissives.  It is easy being a REAL MISTRESS/DOMINATRIX however.   Oh and would the dickwad in question reallly want to know what I think of him?  I think you’re a fake, snivelling, loser with no taste and no class WHATSOEVER to speak of ~ even though you’re ALWAYS trying to PRETEND you’re SUCH a classy guy.  Money can’t buy class.  Didn’t your mommy tell you that?  She would be sooo proud of how well you turned out.  Not.

No good deed goes unpunished.  Especially with the main loser on niteflirt.



P.S.   Your wife is ONE lucky lady.  Assholes like you always seem to be married.


4 Responses to “Really classy french loser…”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Just found your blog.
    Sorry you have to suffer disappointments like that when you’re obviously genuine.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    That blows

  3. Dominant Eve Says:

    Yeah… it certainly does blow and is certainly disappointing.

    You know ~ you try to be an actual ethical amazing woman but they cunt recognize the real thing from their assholes ! Stupid stupid men. ESPECIALLY the asshole in question.

  4. Axxell Says:

    Ohh Mistress, i`m so sorry, Please forgive me? i know i don`t deserve it, but PLEASE!.. i know i am weak & stupid..i beg of You!! YOU are so very right about me..i feel so ashame!!

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