I feel fucking INCREDIBLE and I haven’t been able to playyyyyy for a while as I was soooo sick and busy.

I want to fuck some men up today and TONIGHT !@#$%

I want to use and abuse…

I want to blackmail, rape and pillage…

I want to squeeze, pop, play, whore out, fuck with, fuck out, deprive, sponge, drill, pry, ply, open and abuse.  Squash, mangle, aggitate, weane, drive, drill and purrrrge.

I wanna’  new slut.

I’m doing RT sessions  ideally A LOT this winter.  That is a fact My friend.  The end goal being adding some more regular slutbags to My repetoire….

FUCK I’m bored and HORNY….

However — I did OBVIOUSLY fuck each and every day I was away from you fuckos.

If anyone reads this you should just send Me a huge gift certificate to My niteflirt account TODAY becasue I actually GIVE you something good to read on ocassion.  I want some SURPRISE gift cards sent to Me TODAY ~~~ ones that I don’t specifically ask for.  BE A gentleman.

NOW GET SENDING.  Karma baby.  Karma.


XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX ! ! ! !@ #!~ #!@ $@#


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