I have not been around too much lately as I’ve had the flu and a million things to take care of as well….  because ~ while the life of a REAL GODDESS is luxurious, oftentimes I prefer to do things myself.  Why you ask?  Because then they’re ALWAYS done right.  Plus – delegating projects is also taxing and I have recently been project manager to a very big task – getting new tenants into a house.  I like My new tenants A LOT !  More about that later…

Anyhow…  I am chillaxing for another day or two and today I decided since I was feeling a bit better that I would have My hair UBER done, go shopping and out for lunch – this was AFTER I shampooed yet ANOTHER fucking CARPET.  I discovered I am actually amazzzing at cleaning carpets.  Shocking.

I have a million things to tell you but right now I have to go and catch up on things and some other stuff.

Love you…  well some of you.  Others of you can honestly FUCK OFF because I find you annoying.

These are SOME of you who I especially like lately:

Alex, Architect slut boy, My little kitchen cleaning bitch Flyer, My new cock sucking fellow who keeps changing his ad   and a few others.

I’m getting spoiled friggin’ ROTTEN tonight…….  I am one TIRED BITCH.  You have NO idea how hard I have worked lately… pretty much the whole summer actually.  Thank God it’s over.  I don’t know if I’ll work that hard ever again.  I am now on an even better road to wealth accumulation and am looking for multiple REAL LIFE future LIVE  IN SUBSSSSSSS.  No better time than the present.

Serious subs apply within !! ! !@ #! @#$!@ %$^@%$#


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