Ummmm…  Just so you know ~~~  The stuff I write in here is actually  TRUE.   Unlike so much of the bullshit one finds around these them her parts..

I deal in REALITY.  Not fantasy.

Because… didn’t you know… Some people’s reality is far better than most fantasy that is conjured up?

I like reality.  I find it comfortable.  It also makes it so I never have to lie.

Cummmmmm serve Me at My HOME sometime.  I could ALWAYSSSS use a new sub or two.  However, be warned.  I am one FUSSY bitch.


Honestly…  I WANT NEW  R/T subssssssssssssssssssss.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm !@~!@&*%^%^


4 Responses to “FYI”

  1. frank Says:

    Hi Im Frank , im 45 from Toronto, im submissive and came accross your blogs and enjoyed reading them I would enjoy getting to know you Ms

  2. frank Says:

    I have been responding to your emails Ms, but they keep comming back, your hotmail account must be bad or something

  3. Dominant Eve Says:

    SHit…. no wonder I haven’t been receiving any e-mails the last few days.

    I’ll have someone look into it tonight…

    I’m glad you let me know….

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