COFFEE is for Losers…

I have always thought that coffee is soooo fucking ANNOYING.   I would HATE to be addicted to anything  ie.  smoking, alcohol, drugs, CAFFEINE, anything… how fucking annoying.  To have something control you – all the time, yuck.

If you drink coffee you have one of 2 annoying choices each morning:

-sit in a longggg snakey line up for overpriced black sludge


-make sure you have the filters, coffee, spoon plus usually sugar, milk, honey, cream whatever.

Coffee is SUCH a high maintenance fucking drink.  So much is required for it.  Annoying.

What I would ABSOLUTLEY HATE though would be waking up, rolling over, fumbling for a cigarrete on the night stand, lighting one up and then dragging my ass into the kitchen to make a fucking coffee.  Ewwwwww ! ! @#!@$#

And “no” – I don’t drink tea either.


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