What’s This… An EXCITING Train Trip present for Moi ??

Jealous much?  tehehehe

I JUST received a present from My newest RT slut – ronald.  I have met with My new little bitch once so far.  You see….. there are MANY reasons I like Real Time subs better.  This is what happens – they can gaze upon My beauty, see I am real, feel My dominance and crave to serve Me for as long as I see fit.

They are so very glad they have FINALLY found THE REAL DEAL.

Thanks ronny for the exciting return First Class train trip and the 2 night luxurious hotel stay.  It is actually my favourite gift I have received for a while.  You see ~ travel is BY FAR My favourite thing !!!!  I already have those material things taken care of as I am a brilliant woman who has already received what she wants in life by being smart, cunning and wonderful.

I haven’t really been on a long train trip and am very excited.  I shall take a friend with Me.  Oh the fun we’ll have !! ! @!~#^%$.

So, just so you sluts know —- I will be gone for a whole weekend in October.  Try not to miss Me too much becasue you know in all honestly I won’t be missing you.  But I WILL be thinking of ronald.  Lucky slut.



One Response to “What’s This… An EXCITING Train Trip present for Moi ??”

  1. slave ron Says:

    i am humbled as always by Her words and Her intent. i adore her Dominance.

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