Girl Juice…

I have came at least 20 times this weekend.  I looooved rubbing one out on my couch yesterday right before the sub came over.  FUCK I’m one horny bitch.  I’m going to the casino right now for a bit to spend a whopping 20 bucks becasue I just gamble FOR ENTERTAINMENT, not becasue I think I’ll win.  I do win sometimes though.  However, since I’m SUCH a winner in life – why the fuck do I need to win some chump change at the casino?

I’m going out for bloody steak tongith and mushrooms neptune.  I MAY catch a show.  I love going to the show.  No one around to bug me PLUS I can tell strangers to shut the fuck up.  My specialty.

August is turning out to be fabulous – not too too too much fun but HIGHLY productive.  Becasue 1% of my life DOES need to be taken seriously.  All play and no work makes me a dull gal.

My rat is thriving at our new home.  He likes his view of the lake.  I like his fur.  It reminds me of my late dog’s fur.  My one cat is still scared and doesn’t anjoy the transition.

OK  I’m going now.  I’m still irritated though that not tons of you remembered my birthday on the fourth of July.  I chalk it up to men being fucktards.  You’re lucky for all my real time subs coming through though.


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