Current Highlights of My Life…

-A brand new BLACKMAIL SLUT ~~~ as everyone knows I only do BLACKMAIL FOR REAL.  LOVE IT.

-A Brand new sub cummming to My home tomorrow evening.  Very exciting

-Another very good Jewish slut who listens very very well

-A fun session of CBT yesterday involving castration bands.  Wish he didn’t run out of time.  I thought dark dark deep purple would’ve been the right shade.  I also looove the photos of it he sent before !!!

-Someone at my other house pumping my leaky basement out for free whilst I’m luxuriating tonight

-My cats being at my new house

-My main sub picking up dinner as I type this  – I don’t feel like going out afterall

-My new bedroom looking super ~ I’ll be CAMMING in Sept. occasionally ~ only for SUPER REALLY GOOD SLUTS who earrrrn it.  You know who you are.

-My new house is looking really good all together.  Mark was the first sub to call me here from Niteflirt.  He lives an hour away !!!  Haven’t met him yet.  He doesn’t sound like a mark though.

-Again… fun scene tomorrow.  Worth mentioning twice.  I MAY let you know how it goes.  If anyone wants to listen in on a tiny bit of it….  hahahahahaha


One Response to “Current Highlights of My Life…”

  1. strangled nuts Says:

    I think that dark dark deep purple will be the perfect color for a set of nuts!

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