My Wild West Fantasy…

This is something I think of often.  I sooo desperately wish that I had a time machine in good running order.  I think about having a thousand bucks on my person and being teleported back to — um say 1886, the Wild West.  I would be in my same body but perhaps 5 years younger.  Perhaps.  I would stay for 6 months and I would be rich with my thousand bucks.  I would also have the option of returning forever at some time in my life in case it was super fun or the option to visit each year for a few months.  I don’t want to close any doors or anything.

Anyways, once there I would fuck whover I want (like in real life) whilst trying to not get lynched for being a whore or a witch.  I would run an amazzzing WHorehouse decorated in gaudy red velvet and huge chandaliers.  I would hold court many evenings and tell the most ourrageous stories.  I would make money hand over fist and gain many a romantic following.  I would write books (like in real life) and be a kind of Eccentric Intellectual Enigma.  People whould come from miles around to meet this famed Madame.

The best part would be when I first arrived in towns annonomously though.  I would go to restaurants and eat REAL food with no chemicals.  Real ice cream, real fruit, REAL STEAK.  I would travel the world of course.  I can’t believe how fucking exciting this would be.  A REAL unspoiled world where real things were important.  Human interactions.  Ho downs.  I would have gorgous dresses made by seamstresses and shoes made by cobblers.  I would be hosted and entertained by royalty.  I would be a famous artist – like I am now in real life.  I WOULD LIVE.

That’s what I dream about.  Since I pretty much have everything I want in this reality it really sucks shit that I can never have this.  I would give my left tit for this. 

And that’s one nice friggin’ tit.


4 Responses to “My Wild West Fantasy…”

  1. slave ron Says:

    Mistress.. i would proudly be Your horse for You to ride on

  2. Dominant Eve Says:

    hahahaha Save a horse. Ride a cowboy.

  3. slave ron Says:

    i sure wish express post would arrive.. i would have done a direct drive to You myself !!!

  4. slave ron Says:

    Mistress is a Goddess !

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