Dinner Party…

Last night I hosted a dinner party and cooked for 10 people.  Of course it turned out grand.  I have an exciting FULL life hence I’m not always available to chat to slutty delicious subs like YOU.  You may notice that many PHONE Dommes are available ALL THE TIME however since I’m a REALLLL  Dominatrix that means I’m doing secenes at my home and living life.  I have a funfunfun scene planned for next weekend.  Yayayayyaay.

My menu for last night was:

-dry garlic sauce marinated steak and chicken

-loaded baked potato and cheddar salad –  Mmmm, a WHOLE thing of bacon in it!

-mixed green salad with numerous choices of dressings


-chocolate covered strawberries ~ a REAL pain in the asshole to make


All in   all it went really well.  So if you noticed I wasn’t around it was becasue I was having fun times whilst sipping wine.

After most guests left I ran outside and played in the rain at 1am and a few friends followed.  I was SOAKED and the rain was warm.  I ran up and down the street like a little kid.  Afterward I got nailed by a big fat cock in my bathtub while taking a shower.  I looooved it.  The night went splendidly and I looked super hot.  It was funny because a few guests arrived early and I was still in my towel.  The guy didn’t seem to mind at all.  I told them to come back in 15 minutes anyways.  I HATE early guests.  One couple brought me reallly nice potted flowers.

I will be available to chit chat tonight ~~~ especially as I have met an interesting sub on the phone recently.  You KNOW who you are!!  CALL ME ~~~ @#!@#^%%&*(

Love and blood…….



6 Responses to “Dinner Party…”

  1. slave ron Says:

    Mistress Kmberley… i have resonded to yesterdays e-mail and await Your response.
    slave ron

  2. slave ron Says:

    She is a woman of substance and taste. She will lay my soul to waste

  3. Dominant Eve Says:

    And spank you and squeeze you
    And love you and leave you.

    Kidding about the love part obviously.

    I’ll call you again before we meet Sat.
    You are ONE LUCKY BITCH ron !~!~!

  4. slave ron Says:

    Thank You Mistress Kimberley, i feel like a Winner, pardon the pun… i have 116 reasons to smile.

  5. Dominant Eve Says:

    You’re welcummmmm. Pardon the pun – not.

  6. slave ron Says:

    slave ronald is thinking of a radiant Mistress Kimberley.. he wishes to please Her

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