I wore my sub out this weekend with constant fucking, oral and fingering.  He thinks it’s just him and feels badly but the truth is – I wear EVERYONE out, even the realllllllllly young men I have had affairs with.  Hey hey hey … here’s Mrs. Robinson.  Oh yes My friend.  Nothing better.

Sabrina will be here A LOT this week so CALL US BOTH and be dominated by 2 hot sexy bitches.

Yesterday I went to a fair and it was really fun.  We ate sausage on a bun and then I made the sub go on a ride with me.  He almost puked.  I told the kid in line with us that he’s a baby and would probably puke so she went OUT OF HER WAY not to sit near him.  Wayyy out of her way.  tehehe.  That girl was funny in the ride line up.  When her mother came up to her the girl told us it was her grandmother but it was really her mother.  Her mom got embarassed and left. hahahaha

I also went in the water a bit at the fair as it took place by the beach.  My city is actually INCREDIBLE — SO many festivals in the summer.  Great fun.

I saw a friend of mine who ran the massive event (about 150,000 visitors each year).  We used to be on the board of directors of an art club together.  Those were fun times.

I’m really horny.  I’ve got to go and get fucked and sucked.  It’s still a long weekend here but everyday for me IS actually a holiday.  Why you ask.  Becasue I am brilliant and A REAL GODDESS.

XOXOXOX !@#!@%^$&*(&*(!!!@@@!!!

(A Goddess who always has a hard time typing  B E C A U S E properly.  My nemisis that word is.)


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