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Shocking Revelation (not!) on MY VERSION of BLACKMAIL…

August 31, 2010

A sub who I am currently blackmailing asked me what some of My punishments have been in the past for disobedience.

This was My HONEST reply:



THE worst things I did to guys who DID not listen to me…

-made a guy who had an amazzzing fortune 500 managerial job lose it in TOTAL humiliation

-MAde a guy get in SERIOUS trouble with the IRS

-Embarrassed a guy so badly he had to move to a new city

-Made a guy lose his wife.

THESE ARE ALLL    10000000 % TRUE .


Pet Peeve…

August 30, 2010

I HATE it when adults are out with babies (these adults in question are usually aunts or mothers) and they’re in stores or restaurants and talk REALLY loud to the baby in baby talk like everyone else gives a fuck.  Example:  “Ooooh… does little Hillary want to go to the park with mommy and Me?  You know the park with the really big tree…. blah blah blah”

I think these woman missed out on being the center of attention in life  and use the baby as an excuse to get the attention that they’re soooo desperately craving.  Like anyone else wants to hear her loud as shit blabbering.  I’ll take a whiny baby over the woman attached to it any day.

New Things In My Life…

August 27, 2010

-I have a few new RT subs in mind for the cummming months

-I’m going motorcycling with My NEW OUTFIT tonight — ask me waht I’m wearing — GORGEOUS.  I’ll probably go for a shwank dinner and drinks.  As some of you know – I sometimes wear nice skirts motorcycling.  A VERRRRRY hot look.

-I ordered a hitachi plug in vibrator which will arrive soon.  I’m sicerely TIRED of burning out the batteries and motor.  Having a plug in constant FLOWWWW of energy and cummm will be amazzzzzing !!!

-I didn’t know it was possible but I’m becoming an even better cook.  I have been on my own since 19 – completely – and basically taking care of myself since age 7… so I have been cooking for a realllly long time.  I could be a chef I believe.  I made a red wine beef dish on linguini last night which I invented – like most things I make.

-I have a personal trainer in mind to accomplish that those 6 pack abs I have been aspiring to.

-I have a fun, busy, uber produactive weekend with more moving stuff.  Stuff stuff stuff.  Mostly I have people move stuff for free while I delegate.  It’s still kind of like work you know……

-My feet are cold.  Gotta’ go find socks, eat food, perhaps watch something interesting.  Than I must go shopping and to the theatre.  I know I know – I DO go out and do fun things A LOT >>>>> Why you ask?  Becasue I am a REAL GODDESS…. looking for real time subs to call her own.  And being owned by me is better that a cool mint juniper on a hot Savannah night… with two 18 year old boys writhing in their hog ties on the dirty bare ground before me, cocks erect, an extra shot of viagara (like they need it) and a whole weekend to play with their warm, hot yearning, ooooozing cockssssssssssssssss.  All that cockcokckcock… Really couldn’t get any better.  Well, perhaps a good book thrown in for good measure….. And perhaps even a small audience.


August 25, 2010

A minor misstep…  You did have a FEW brownie points built up already so I actually don’t care.

However — your ass WILL pay for it sooon at my home – just becasue it’s fun.

You DO look like Colme Feore.

I’ll have you over again in 3-4 weeks.  Have fun practicing your math and counting dayssssssssssss…

I have a busy night.  Gotta’ run double douche master… tehehehehehehehe

New Submissive on Saturday

August 23, 2010

Yep.  I had a new one over 2 days ago -Saturday evening.   This is the e-mail I just received from him….(from you ronald as I know you’re probably reading this in 2 minutes)…



Mistress ____________,
he has felt bondage.. penetration.. the lust of a Domme.. the desire to please.  he has never felt true Dominantion, until Saturday Aug 21, 2010.  he is at the doorstep of a world of unfamiliarity and he is confused.  he feels She will lead him further at Her pace NOT his for this is not about him.. it is about Her.
Things he learned on Saturday night:
NEVER arrive with booze and cigarettes on his breath    (the jackass had one drink before arriving)
Carry Her glass above the drink level
Wear proper boxer briefs
Trim his pubic hair
Her spit in his mouth felt very right
Her boot sheathed foot in his mouth felt very right
Definition: (adj) – enchanted, delighted, “nice to meet you”
Mistress, i humbly offer You my body and soul to use and abuse as You see fit.
Devotion and surrender,
your slave ronald



I think I’ll train him up, chew him well and enjoy the taste.  Tasty treats are always fun to find.  And I have QUITE the appetite.

Girl Juice…

August 22, 2010

I have came at least 20 times this weekend.  I looooved rubbing one out on my couch yesterday right before the sub came over.  FUCK I’m one horny bitch.  I’m going to the casino right now for a bit to spend a whopping 20 bucks becasue I just gamble FOR ENTERTAINMENT, not becasue I think I’ll win.  I do win sometimes though.  However, since I’m SUCH a winner in life – why the fuck do I need to win some chump change at the casino?

I’m going out for bloody steak tongith and mushrooms neptune.  I MAY catch a show.  I love going to the show.  No one around to bug me PLUS I can tell strangers to shut the fuck up.  My specialty.

August is turning out to be fabulous – not too too too much fun but HIGHLY productive.  Becasue 1% of my life DOES need to be taken seriously.  All play and no work makes me a dull gal.

My rat is thriving at our new home.  He likes his view of the lake.  I like his fur.  It reminds me of my late dog’s fur.  My one cat is still scared and doesn’t anjoy the transition.

OK  I’m going now.  I’m still irritated though that not tons of you remembered my birthday on the fourth of July.  I chalk it up to men being fucktards.  You’re lucky for all my real time subs coming through though.


August 22, 2010

The REAL kind.  As a few of you have found out THE HARD WAY ~ I ONLY DO REAL BLACKMAIL.  I don’t FAKE blackmail in order to sell my exploits.  I do it for real.  It’s between you and Me.  And I fuck you up.  However – if you annoy me THEN it sometimes involves the world.  Trust Me, I like blackmail more than you SO ONLY APPROACH ME IT YOU’RE NOT fucking around.  I honestly don’t like to get irritated.  Thanks.

FYI: Stupid People

August 22, 2010

If you are interested in specially designed amazzzzing raunchy stories – written specifically for you – then let me know.  I have read some of the crap that people sell and frankly it sucks.  Drop me a line if you want something GOOOOOOD.  If you wanth something JUST PLAIN WRRRONG ~ even better.  Obviously nothing underage – that’s just the shit that makes the world worse.

I’ll Tell you About Last Night’s Scene… tomorrow

August 22, 2010


Current Highlights of My Life…

August 21, 2010

-A brand new BLACKMAIL SLUT ~~~ as everyone knows I only do BLACKMAIL FOR REAL.  LOVE IT.

-A Brand new sub cummming to My home tomorrow evening.  Very exciting

-Another very good Jewish slut who listens very very well

-A fun session of CBT yesterday involving castration bands.  Wish he didn’t run out of time.  I thought dark dark deep purple would’ve been the right shade.  I also looove the photos of it he sent before !!!

-Someone at my other house pumping my leaky basement out for free whilst I’m luxuriating tonight

-My cats being at my new house

-My main sub picking up dinner as I type this  – I don’t feel like going out afterall

-My new bedroom looking super ~ I’ll be CAMMING in Sept. occasionally ~ only for SUPER REALLY GOOD SLUTS who earrrrn it.  You know who you are.

-My new house is looking really good all together.  Mark was the first sub to call me here from Niteflirt.  He lives an hour away !!!  Haven’t met him yet.  He doesn’t sound like a mark though.

-Again… fun scene tomorrow.  Worth mentioning twice.  I MAY let you know how it goes.  If anyone wants to listen in on a tiny bit of it….  hahahahahaha