About Last Night

I ended up going out for a bit.  I wore tight sexy jeans, new black ralph lauren tight shirt and sexy ass shoes.  I ended up buying “George” a few drinks.  He’s mentally challenged so I think I get some brownie points for that.  He didn’t stop talking but was very very nice which is more than I can say for most people.  I don’t understand how people can give him dirty looks for being different.  I actually feel blessed that I have near genius IQ and don’t feel threatened by hanging around someone who isn’t as fortunate in the brains department.  I mean really – it’s not HIS fault he was BORN that way.  People should be more secure in themselves and nicer all around.

I ended up chatting up some 25 year old.  I look really young actually, not that I’m old.

I’m going to my other house soon for a few hours.  I may have a package from a new real life sub.  Yayyyyy.

I will be available for calls A LOT this weekend.

Sissygloria, where has My new little bitch gone??

I look really hot lately.  I swear I’m getting hotter by the day.  My face looks prettier especially.  Will wonders ever cease?

Three bathrooms are COMPLETELY renovated now.  I am going to let subs do the rest of the house I thinketh.  I am just plain plum sick of painting.

Call Me this weekend……………………. DON’T FORGET.  I actually feel like chatting and using some bitches for my pleasure.

Men are morons and I didn’t find myself attracted to any last night.  I rarely ever do in fact.  I’ve OD’d on cock my whole life.  Sincerely.  Now I’m just fairly full.  The sight of them does nothing for me.  A wiggly squishy flab of skin between your legs.  How exciting.  Not.  I get anyone I want whenver I want so yours isn’t very damn special – at all.

Have a grand day.  I will.  Although my boyfriend/sub is kind of fucking annoying.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.


2 Responses to “About Last Night”

  1. sissygloria Says:

    Hello Mistress Eve, sorry i could not get thru, but company was over and gloria had too many drinks with them and after they left , was sleeping. And all weekend will be having guest for the long w,e,

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