Still Moving

Completely renovated a fucking disgusting bathroom yesterday with dark black stranger pubes all over it.  Sick shit indeedy.  I did it a lemony minty light light green with black accents – mirror, bowls, artwork etc.  I also incorporated some brown in it.  It was soooo much work it was insane and I was sweating like a friggin’ pig.   It turned out amazing.  It has brown hardwood floor which needs to be replaced becasue wood and bathrooms do not mix.  I’m also still unpacking lotsa’ shit.  I gave myself 6 weeks to be out of my house I’m in now.  I have to do a few things to get ready for the new young couple renters of this house.

Today I’m going out for lunch with Sabrina – my friend and 18 yo Domme in training.  Oh yeahhh ~~~ I received 2! new pairs of uber exciting shoes in the mail from a sub I will be meeting in a few months.  He seems like a fairly classy guy.  He’s a fair bit older than me but I do think of them all as young boys.  The shoes have buckles and clamps and zippers oh my.  I sure as hell deserve them.  More than anyone I’ve met lately.  I just wish I could clone myself a bunch of times and be my mother, daughter, friend and lover.  That would be pure fucking BLISSS>.  Really.

Have a nice day.  I’m fairly guaranteed to.  Although I have to varsol some paint markls off the damn floor.  No good deed goes unpunished.


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