You KNOW who you Are >>>>

If at first you don’t succeed try try again…

If the line is BUSY or SCREWED UP momentarily then you should    T R Y    A G A I N……  Especially since you were going to put a big smile on my face becasue the moving is super hard work.  You know who you are and I know you read my blog so just be a sub of your word and as the assdicklick clint says “Go ahead and make my day”.  It would be ridiculously amazing to return from more moving work and to find a really nice tribute surprise waiting for me.  I could really use that boost I’ll tell ya.  Seriously.

I like GOOD subs who do as they say PLUS I was very much looking forward to getting caught up with my little frog and perhaps even having some domestic funfufufnun.

On another note….Now I’m bored, cleaning and I have a bunch of yucky moving to do.  I’m actually somewhat pissed by a few other things to begin with.  The taxes for the new house were miscalculated so now they will be more than anticipated.   I hired a bunch of young Dutch boys to help with the move.  None was under 6’3″.

I’m sweating like a pig.  I have a bit of a headache and of all things ~~~ the doctor says I may have an ULCER.  How the hell can I possibly have an ulcer?  Really?  A perfectionist’s life is never simple I suppose.

FUCK  SHIT & PISS >>>>  I wish I could fast forward 6 months from now.  I have soooo much work to do.  I actually feel a liquidy thing welling up in my tear ducts.  And of course the house has to be perfect — hello- because I’m going to be living in it.  Perfection is as perfection does.


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