I still have sex everyday but I don’t even feel like it these last few days…  This moving stuff sucks balls ~ and not the nice kind.  Big fat long haired stinky sweaty fungi infested vile pussy semen encrusted mutilated skankified diareahh (however you spell that) tortured burned oozing yucky stinky ugly fucked up vilified rank pissy pissed-off  uber scorched nasty puky vomit stained dickhole faggot slurping   NUTS.  Never ever ever the kind you’d like to suck on.  Not the kind that melt in your mouth – but in your hands.  Just all around really fucking annoying like so very much else today.  FUCK FUCK FUCK.  Why do I have to be so damn close to uber wonderful and I’m surrounded by a pack of fucking idiots who usually don’t even come close to exceeding expectations when my fucking middle name is honestly “Relentless”?  Fuck.  I best be off.  I have to go do fucking dishes of all things.  The world just is simply NOT making sense today.


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