I DO Have Pics you know…

BUT—–  I don’t sell them.  Do you really think I just want any old asshole able to ogle my ta tas ?  No, I only want my favourite assholes to be able to.  Besides…  tons of subs get to actually see what I look like in person at my home anyways.  Oh —- I have two pairs of reallly expensive shoes coming in the mail from a sub I will meet within a few months.

Oh ~ and Josh/Mike….  you really could have been a good little bitch if you would have tried harder.  Seriously.  You think too much.  And usually just about a pile of stupid shit.

I’m going back to my new house soon to do some more unpacking.  I have a sub there right now unpacking for me and probably sniffing my panties as we speak.  I would like to actually watch him lick vile substances off them.  However, nothing is vile about any of my substances.  Want to mail me some goodies to transplant in those frilly suckers?  Mmmmmm !!!@! #!~@#$%#

My new pet rat has a very very very long creepy tail.  I like him.  I kind of inherited him.  He’s really happy when I’m in the room with him.   I like to feed him Kraft dinner.  He holds it and eats each individual piece.  He’s the size of a fairly big kitten actually.  Hahahahaha — I JUST thought of something.  He WILL come in handy with subs at my home in the future.  Oh yeahhhhh …

Talking about subs — I brought the worker moving boys (not the young ones) subs for lunch.  They were delicious.  And the food subs weren’t bad either.  I guess I can’t take my rat and the cage with me everywhere like my dog.  Or can I ?


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