Oh – a resounding “YES” to My new FUN Alaska sub.  They must be realllly bored there because the shit I get him to do on cam is the SHIT I like – and the shit that most other people don’t.  tehehehe

Oh it was some FUNFUNFUNFUN days I had a playin’ witha’  him.  He’s starting to get gared – scared- but that just makes it soooo much more fun for me.  And just think ~~~ what is really scary is that this is the shit I usually do in person.  Oh the tail tales to tell… Lift up that tail donkey and let’s see what an ass you can be.  Let’s see that oh so pretty asshole of yours – oops of mine.  Oh shit.

He’s not going anywhere.  For quite a while.  I love it.  Oh what a tangled sacrine web we weave.  Never once to be deceived.   A newest toy for girls and boys.  Just turn your head so your preciious delicate stomach doesn’t turn around and empty itself out – all over mother’s brand new sofa.  No no no.  That just won’t doo doo.  Super fucking fun to watch though.  That’s for certain.  I just live for this kind of crap.  Life’s not a dress rehearsal although judging by all the dresses I’ve seen My real life bitches in I’m beginning to think it just may be.


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