I’ll start writing in this diary of mine again becasue it’s kind of FUN but I STILL think that lots of you fucktards who read this are cheap bastards.  Seriously.

Anyways… I got carded for ID last night at a female strip bar.   I haden’t been ID’d in about 5 years.  Loved it.  I went bar hopping alone for a few hours and some guy was practically begging for my number but I let him know in a nice way that he absolutely has nothing that I want.  I already have regular amazzzing sex and since his pocketbook seemed lacking then I could think of nothing else he could possibly be useful  to me for.  Plus – I already have enough friends.

I have enjoyed speaking to a fellow from Iraq lately.  He seems nice.  Hopefully he won’t change my opinion.

I fucked for 3 hours solid last night and it was indeedy F U N.  He had to go to work today after only a few hours sleep and I find that amusing — as I slept in like a little angelic lamb.  tehehehe

I will be doing some packing this weekend for the big move.

I sent some of my regulars a great fantasy of mine involving beer swilling filthy men so buy it if you receive it…  Gang bangs 101.

I have been out  A LOT lately (as always).  Lately I have been doing super fun things.  I had dark brown and purple highlights put into my blonde hair.  FUCK ~~ I’m good in bed- not sure why I just said that.

I’m probably going out tonight later — of course I am.  It’s Friday night and that’s what HOT girls do.  Seriously.  Always tons of fun options and staying in yacking on the phone usually isn’t my first choice — unless the caller is a doll and we plan on ACTUALLY MEETING for some REAL scenes.  Fucking men.  I have been having a tough time finding new contenders to add to my stable.  Fuck. Shit and Piss.  What else is new ????

Have a FABULOUS night ~~~ and call me when I’m available dumbass.



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